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PCs são centrais para cumprir nosso propósito (English Only)

Intel teams with Samsung on new Galaxy Book Pro series to deliver advanced experiences across mobility, connectivity, and performance.

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Gregory Bryant, executive vice president and general manager of the Client Computing Group at Intel, displays a Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 360. Intel’s work with Samsung allows the new Galaxy Book Pro PCs to deliver advanced experiences across mobility, connectivity and performance. (Credit: Intel Corporation)

By Gregory Bryant

Digitization is more pronounced and more obvious everywhere you look. The past year has accelerated the digital transformations that were already underway and also sparked new ones. The uncertainty that arose from the pandemic has presented more opportunities and challenges for people and companies to pursue the things that matter to them most.

At its core, the PC has become an essential tool to help us live our lives. Regardless of generation, computing is an integral part of what we do – from work and learning to health, entertainment and more. Wendy March, principal engineer for Intel’s Project Athena innovation program, has said Intel’s innovations can lead to products that make a person feel proud and confident — and reflect who they are. In other words, computing can help power a person’s purpose, with the PC being the device they turn to for making their greatest contributions.

The Intel® Evo™ platform, with 75 verified designs and counting in market, is tailored to deliver an exceptional mobile experience. Samsung stands with Intel on the leading edge of devices that are a step ahead of how we’ll use them and where we’ll take them.

Today, Samsung and Intel announced a new chapter in this shared vision: We are bringing together the best of our companies to deliver advanced computing experiences across mobility, connectivity and performance — all to unlock people’s potential.
Intel is proud of the results: the just-announced Samsung Galaxy Book Pro and Galaxy Book Pro 360. Some of the industry’s best new Intel Evo-verified designs powered by 11th Gen Intel® Core® processors, these Galaxy Books deliver a premier computing experience — blending the best of a smartphone, tablet and PC into a new class of device.
  • A new microarchitecture from Intel leveraging multiple types of XPU cores.
  • Unique PC designs aligned with Galaxy DNA.
  • More personalized computing through enhanced artificial intelligence technology.
  • A stronger continuity of experience that allows people to seamlessly work and share content across all devices.

And, we’re launching a global, co-marketing campaign that spotlights the computing experience delivered by Intel Evo-powered Galaxy devices.

The level of engineering vision needed to convert such ideas into actual products is only possible through collaboration. Intel’s ability to scale and create with innovative partners like Samsung is what excites our teams.

Match that excitement with the wave of digitization we’re all experiencing, and I cannot wait to see how we make computing even more purposeful.

Gregory M. Bryant is executive vice president and general manager of the Client Computing Group at Intel Corporation.

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